Bounty lets anyone begin a crowdfund campaign for an idea they want to come to life. Think of it like a petition with payment attached. It’s completely free to use, and we think it’s a fun new way for creators and their communities to create projects together.

With Bounty, you get equity in the outcome - when you contribute to a bounty that results in a minted NFT, the initial sale proceeds are redistributed to everyone who contributed, based on their stake.

Additionally, Bounty is the only platform to offer Proof of Contribution badges in the form of NFTs that are minted free of cost to your wallet once a project you support has been delivered successfully.


On each bounty’s page, you'll see the overall description and how much funding has been raised.The creator can either claim right away, or negotiate.

Claiming a bounty means you get paid 50% of the fund upfront, and that you're on the hook for completing the project by its due date.

If you choose to negotiate, you'll be able to set your reserve price - this is the minimum amount of funding you'd be willing to accept for the bounty. If funding hits your reserve price, the bounty will automatically be claimed.

After you claim a bounty, you can send updates to fans and collaborators, and they can keep adding to the fund if they like what they see.

When you deliver a completed project, you'll sign the piece and receive the rest of the funds, minus a small service fee. Bounty will mint and list the NFT for sale on Rarible immediately. Your collaborators will receive the proceeds from the initial sale, and you'll continue to receive royalties.

Bounty gives full ownership of the NFT to you. Your collaborators will receive the proceeds from the initial sale, and royalties are set at 10% of all secondary sales, with 5% going to you.

Bounty is totally free to use - we take care of all the transactions and gas fees for you. When a bounty is delivered and minted, we take 5% of the fund before transferring you the rest. Your fans never have to pay extra to join or withdraw their funds, and all distributions from sales are split directly to each person's wallet.


Anyone can join any open bounty! You'll need to start with some $MATIC on the Polygon chain in your wallet. After that, go to the page of a bounty that is in "Fundraising" status and you should be able to see a "Join" section at the bottom.

Here you can put an amount (in $MATIC) that you want to contribute to the fund. Clicking "Join" will trigger your Metamask to make a transaction to the bounty contract, which safely keeps all of the funds and disburses it between collaborators and creators.

When you join a bounty, you're getting equity in the final product! For example, if you contributed 1 MATIC to a bounty that ended fundraising at 10 MATIC, you would own 10% of the final NFT. When Bounty lists this NFT on sale on Rarible, you'll receive 10% of the initial sale price!

This payment comes straight to your wallet in the form of ETH - you don't have to do anything to withdraw it. Additionally, you split 5% of the royalties with all other collaborators each time the NFT is resold, and the creator gets the other 5%.

We mint an NFT badge to each contributor's wallet for free. These badges are called POCs (Proof of Contribution) and have different rarities depending on your level of contribution. In the future, POCs can be used to unlock exclusive capabilities for a creator's community!

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