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Take the guesswork out of your art

Bounty shows upfront demand for your work. When someone creates a bounty for you, you'll be able to see the price that the group has committed to paying.

You receive 50% immediately after claiming a bounty, and the rest when you finish the piece. Bounty automatically mints an NFT and lists it on Rarible under your account.

Strengthen your community

Your strongest supporters make up your community. Bounty lets you dazzle them with your best work.

Share updates about your ongoing bounties with your collaborators, and receive additional funding for fan favorites!

Rarible Integration

Once you deliver a 1/1 piece, the rest of the funds will be transferred directly to your wallet. Bounty will mint your artwork and list it on Rarible free of charge.

You'll always be listed as the creator of the NFT - your collaborators will share in the initial proceeds, and you'll receive 5% royalties on any secondary sales.

Create on Bounty

Anyone can be a creator on Bounty - you just need to link your Twitter handle to your wallet so that people can search for you. Afterwards, you'll be able to claim any bounties assigned to you.

Link your account and join our creators below!

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